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Troop Labs: Unlocking collective ownership and permissionless collaboration for communities. We are Troop Labs, a collective of builders making coordination and collaboration more fun by allowing communities to build a customisable mobile homepage and collectively own their data and assets. We believe that all communities should live onchain to get ownership and control over their shared assets. So we want to enable communities to collectively own and customise their onchain home, while making collaboration and coordination fun and easy. dapps, tools and infra for apes, frens and grandmas We believe that onboarding new users will come with products that have viral potential by tapping into a passion or a real world problem, with social dynamics and as easy to use for grandmas. We want to bring communities together onchain, and allow them to profit from social, cultural and intellectual capital, and shared ownership of their community communication. Troop Labs is an ecosystem of chain-agnostic decentralized applications (dApps), tools, and infrastructure built to make web3 accessible to everyone. Our products leverage web3 social to encourage co-creation and better coordination among community members, while providing a low-entry barrier for web3 adoption. ā™£ļø lensclubs.xyz: Manage a Lens Protocol account with multiple people. For Communities, DAOs, Curator/Creator Collectives, Brands, Fan Clubs,.. šŸŖ– troop.finance: Collaborate on a crypto/DeFi portfolio together with your frens šŸ¾ wildfriends.xyz: Social tamagotchi-like game where artists create digital collectibles of animals to support wildlife projects āž° signless.xyz: make web3 feel like Web 2.0 with signless transactions šŸ§š docs.fairy.dev: Rugproof Raffles. Fair, verifiable and fully on-chain. šŸ» proofof.beer: Digital bottle caps as souvenirs for events, experiences and beer reviews.





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Aug 11, 2023

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Aug 11, 2024